Phil Anderson, WØXI

Phil W0XI and Pat N0GZZ


Each of us has a unique path to retirement, bringing with it a common time to play with our radio toys! I obtained my novice ticket in ~ 1955, KNØHSB, while in Junior High. Pat and I got married while at KU and then moved to New York; she taught at the high school and I worked at IBM South Road Labs in Poughkeepsie. We returned to Kansas in 1969 and founded Kantronics in 1971 and CTBI (Center for Training in Business and Industry) a few years later. Pat earned her call sign NØGTZ at that time as I upgraded to WØXI. We continue our teaching and design activities in retirement by running the Xtal Set Society, which offers a newsletter, website. kits, and books on early radio and electronics in general. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year in Kauai, Hawaii. 72! Unc. Phil.

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